How Should I Treat My Toy Dog?

  Your dog loves to play with toys and this article will show you how to treat your toy in various ways. This article will cover tricks like using peanut butter, Puzzle toys, and tennis balls. There are also some fun ideas like converting tennis balls into treat dispensers and plush toys into hide and… Read More »

Necessary Vaccines For Puppy

  If you are considering getting a puppy, there are a number of essential vaccines that your puppy must receive. These include core vaccines, non-core vaccines, and Leptospirosis. Here are some of the most important aspects to remember about these vaccines: Minimum duration, Side effects, and more. Keep reading to find out more! Hopefully you… Read More »

The Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

  Having a pet dog has numerous benefits for a person’s health. Some of these benefits are: lower mortality, increased socialization, and reduced stress levels. Dogs are social magnets that help you make new friends. They also help you deal with loneliness and other social issues. In addition to these benefits, having a dog will… Read More »